Wax vases with Christmas Rose flowers

Wax vases with Christmas Rose flowers

Festive table decoration for the holiday season

Vases made of wax for Christmas Roses and Christmas glitter balls can be arranged individually to match your table decoration and tableware. Cream-coloured napkins combine with the Christmas Roses to create a lovely lightness on the festive table, and the glossy Christmas balls underscore the holiday spirit.

The following materials are needed to make the wax vases for Christmas Roses to decorate the festive table.


• cream-coloured napkins (e.g. with golden dots)
• white candle wax
• thin macramé cord in white or beige
• square glass vases (you may want to use different sizes)
• Christmas Rose flowers & wax flowers in white
• Christmas glitter balls in a matching colour, small twigs and cones
• a table runner in a matching colour
• cream-coloured candles in glass candle holders

DIY instructions:

Heat and slowly melt the white candle wax in a pot. Place a square glass vase top down onto a piece of newspaper. Take a single napkin, dip it into the liquid wax and place it over the glass. Alternatively, place a napkin onto the glass and coat with the liquid wax. Tie close around the glass with macramé cord before the wax sets. Leave to cool. After the wax has set, carefully separate the wax vase from the glass. One way of doing this is by pouring hot water into the glass vase and then gently easing it out. If you’re going to use the wax container as a vase for holding Christmas Rose flowers, leave the glass in the wax napkin, fill with cold water and decorate with Christmas Rose flowers, wax flowers and twigs. Fill empty wax vases with Christmas glitter balls, twigs and cones and put on the table.

For an even more snug Christmas feeling, lay out a few cream-coloured candles in the glass candle holders and some Christmas glitter balls on the table.