Festive decoration for Christmas gifts

Macramé cord is versatile, it always looks natural and many patterns are easy to use, even if you are a do-it-yourselfer with little experience. Our macramé Christmas tree to decorate gift wrappings is a nice way of enhancing your gift with something you made yourself. Once the gift has been unwrapped, the macramé Christmas tree makes a nice decorative item for the Christmas tree or seasonal wreath. And if you also add a Christmas Rose flower, the gift packaging becomes a real highlight.


Wrapping paper, macramé cord, Christmas Rose flower, orchid tube as needed


Wrap one loop of macramé cord around the gift box and tie with a tight knot (secure with a dab of liquid glue as necessary). This macramé cord is the basis for the Christmas tree. Cut a length of 30 cm of cord for the Christmas tree, fold in half and tie to the base cord with a lark's head knot. Below the knot, the cord just lies loosely on the gift wrapping. Now cut 18 pieces of cord, each 15 cm long. Fold the first piece in half and push the loop from left to right underneath the main cord. Fold the second piece of cord in half, with the loop to the left, lay on top of the main cord and thread the ends of the first piece of cord through the loop of the second one. Then thread the ends of the second piece of cord through the loop of the first one. Tighten and knot the remaining 8 pairs of cord in the same way. Trim the cord ends into shape with a pair of scissors to create the neat Christmas tree. Unpick the ends of the cord pieces using a comb as desired. To show the difference, we just unpicked the cord ends on the right. Lastly, stick a Christmas Rose flower behind the cord. You may want to put it in an orchid tube filled with some water so the flower will stay fresh longer.