Christmas Rose in the gift bag

Christmas Rose in the gift bag

Floral arrangement in cut-out look

The charm of the Christmas Rose makes it an enchanting pre-Christmas gift year on year. Making concessions in terms of presentation is therefore completely out of the question! On the contrary, you want to show the winter flowerer off to its best advantage by bringing it into the primary focus of attention. For example by putting it in a bag with window. On that note, the modest gift bag with a trendy window is just what you need. Here's a smart way to reuse packaging: we made the whole packaging ourselves, but you could of course just cut the window into any other gift bag. In this case, you'll want to choose a smaller pot, because most gift bags are slightly narrower.

Fold the gift bag


Christmas Rose in an 8 cm or 10.5 cm pot, craft cardboard, scissors (perhaps cutter/craft knife); sticker with season's greetings and hot glue gun (you can also use craft glue) if desired

Step 1: Transfer the pattern onto the craft cardboard and fold along the lines. Then cut out the window. A cutter will help you make a neater start than you would with craft scissors.

Pattern download >

Step 2: Fold the craft cardboard into a gift bag and glue together in the appropriate places. Proceed as you would if wrapping a present. Adding creases down the middle of the narrow sides improves the stability and makes it easier to close the top.

Step 3: Using a small number of drops from the hot glue gun is the fastest way to join the bottom parts. If you use craft glue, you need to wait a little longer for the glue to dry and the bottom to hold the weight. Place the Christmas Rose into a water-tight bag before putting it in the cardboard bag.