The new Winter Ballet varieties (Hellebores x lemperii) from the Helleborus Gold Collection® are a very special success in hellebore breeding. They owe their colourful extra-large and early flowers to the crossings between the Lenten Rose (Helleborus x hybridus) and the classic Christmas Rose (Helleborus niger). For a long time, the two species were not considered to be crossable. Just like Christmas Roses and Lenten Roses, Winter Ballet varieties appreciate a garden spot in light shade. Early varieties such as Lisann, Lania, Leila and Linda add colour to the garden as early as November and stay with us all through the Christmas season until well into spring. But the coloured flowers of these evergreen robust perennials don’t just add highlights to the garden. Together with grasses and ornamental foliage plants in containers, baskets or boxes, the large upright flowers will also create an atmospheric welcome on the doorstep. Last, but not least, they make for colourful eycatchers on balconies and terraces.

  • hardy, low-maintenance, evergreen perennial
  • white, creamy yellow, pink, deep red and even bicoloured flowers
  • upright, extra large flowers carried on sturdy stems
  • varieties with different flowering seasons
  • some varieties flowering as early as November
  • extremely long-lasting flowering period
  • preferably grow in a place in light shade
  • ideal for container and box plantings for balconies and terraces