Boho-style balcony

Boho-style balcony

Christmas Roses "à La Bohème":

Far from being just another flower in the wall, the Christmas Rose will put up a real boho-style show on city balconies. Its elaborate yet clear shapes merge beautifully in the crazy natural boho look. Boho is an abbreviation for Bohemian, or the French Bohème . Inspired by the easy-going lifestyle of the French bohemians, boho clothing and interior design are both loved for their glamorous, natural flair. Two qualities the Christmas Rose combines like virtually no other flowering plant. Boho interior design uses wood, wicker or rattan, and natural fabrics and furs or faux furs. The style borrows elements from many different trends. Vintage is as much a part of boho as ethnic, oriental and hippie chic. Just how ragtag and unconventional the mixture of influences will be is a matter of personal taste and mood. When it comes to boho colours, earthy shades like persimmon, beige, brown and olive mingle with cheerful colours like sunflower yellow, Bordeaux red, violet and turquoise blue, offering a multitude of options for beautiful combinations with the natural white hue of Christmas roses.

Boho style with Christmas Roses in window boxes

Very much in boho style, we selected a set of natural wicker balcony boxes and a vintage-look wooden planter box and planted them entirely with Christmas Roses. You could also go for white-painted baskets or combine perennial Christmas Roses with wintergreen ornamental foliage plant such as hebe, ivy or small grasses. Anything goes in boho, as long as it looks good.

Boho-style balcony decoration

Decorative items such as white or cream-coloured candles, Alberta spruce and a pine wreath give a boho touch to the seasonal "aura" associated with Christmas Rose flowers without creating too festive a mood. Cheer up your autumn and winter decorations with some light, flighty boho style around the house.