HGC® Ice N' Roses® Red

Helleborus x glandorfensis

As a welcome at the front door or a highlight in a planter on the balcony or terrace, the hardy Snow Rose Ice N' Roses® Red with large deep red flowers catches the eye at a time when the sky is often grey. It produces new buds non-stop from December until well into spring. Even after the flowers have faded, they retain their deep red colour, also embellishing places in the garden that are in full sun together with daffodils (Narcissus), hyacinths (Hyacinthus orientalis) and tulips (Tulipa). Its generally good plant health means you can enjoy this precious perennial for many years.

Flowering time: December
Growth vigor: 50-60cm
Location: sun to part shade
Spacing: 80 cm
Planting time in the garden: spring and fall, when the ground is not frozen
Planting planter: all year around
Companion plants: Heuchera, Muscari, Narcissus, Hebe