HGC® Joel | Large flowers

Helleborus niger

The large blooms of the Christmas Rose Joel accompany us through the winter from December onwards. In the garden, on balconies and terraces, Joel creates beautiful combinations with small conifers, Heuchera hybrids or hardy ornamental grasses. Its large white blooms and reddish leaf petioles make Joel an attractive cut flower. Due to the long shelf-life, the festive flowers are ideal as a spectacular flower decoration for the Advent and Christmas season.

Flowering time: from December
Growth vigor: 15-25 cm
Location: partial to full shade
Spacing: 60 cm
Planting time in the garden: spring and fall, when the ground is not frozen
Planting planter: all year around
Companion plants: Hebe, Carex, Heuchera, Chamaecyparis