HGC® Cinnamon Snow

Helleborus x ballardiae

Cream-coloured flowers tinged with cinnamon and reddish flower stems are what makes the hardy Snow Rose Cinnamon Snow so special. This free-flowering Snow Rose smartens up any garden, balcony or terrace from December to March. Cinnamon Snow is low-care and ideally suited for planters, both as a specimen plant and combined with ivy (Hedera) and alum root (Heuchera hybrids), to create flowering arrangements for the doorstep even in the winter!

Flowering time: from December
Growth vigor: 40-50cm
Location: partial to full shade
Spacing: 80 cm
Planting time in the garden: spring and fall, when the ground is not frozen
Planting planter: all year around
Companion plants: Hedera, Heuchera, Hebe