Christrose White Christmas mit Kugeln und Zapfen weihnachtlich dekoriert
Charming Christmas decoration

Add a tinge of enchanted forest to your home with this natural look. Whereas natural elements such as small pieces of branches, moss and pinecones indicate the scent of forest soil, unobtrusive Christmas decoration items add festive highlights.

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    E.g. ball moss from the garden centre

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    It is recommended that you use Christmas balls as small as possible to allow the Christmas Rose flowers to come into their own.

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    E.g. beech or birch twigs cut into small pieces

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    Choose a dish as deep as possible because some decorative elements will be put on the moss.

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    Cedar, cypress or small alder cones are ideal for use in small containers.

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    Christmas Rose White Christmas is available from garden centres and florist shops

  • Step 1 Charming decoration

    Place your leafless Christmas Rose with its pot in the centre of a larger decorative bowl. Make sure there is enough space between pot and bowl rim to accommodate decoration material. Choose a decorative bowl that is not too large to provide the flowers with an appropriate frame that prevents them from looking lost.

    Step 2 Charming decoration

    Fill the gap between the rims with moss and also spread some moss underneath the flowers to cover the pot rim.

    Step 3 Charming decoration

    Place small pieces of branches on the moss. Use short pieces that do not protrude over the bowl rim. Create a "neat" arrangement that virtually looks like a framed clipping from the forest ground and leaves enough room for both the decorative bowl and the flowers.

    Step 4 Charming decoration

    Add the pinecones at random. Less is more in this case to allow moss and twigs to come into their own. You also want to avoid creating a regular pattern. In the forest, cones do not fall to the ground at identical distances either.

    Step 5 Charming decoration

    Add festive decoration elements for a more Christmasy spirit. We chose muted, earthy colours that suit the forest theme and create a beautiful contrast with the white Christmas Rose flowers. If you prefer an all-natural look, just go without the Christmas decoration.

    The result Charming decoration

    Multi-variant and variable: create your own personal Christmas decorations by combining very few elements.



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