The HGC family – our Christmas Roses, Snow Roses and Lenten Roses at a glance

The Helleborus Gold Collection® is a collection of premium Christmas Rose, Snow Rose and Lenten Rosevarieties. Botanically, they belong to the genus Helleborus. They are hardy, low-maintenance perennials that should not be missing in any garden. They delight us with their wealth of beautiful flowers at a time when all round us nature seems asleep. Some varieties start to flower as early as November, and will withstand severe cold and snow. Others bloom in late winter and continue flowering well into spring.

The Christmas Roses in the Helleborus Gold Collection®

From November onwards, the first Christmas Rose varieties unfold their brilliant white flowers in the garden. Christmas Roses are one of the few plants that delight us with their flowers all winter long. Especially in the Christmas season, they are widely used to decorate living rooms and entrance areas. In the period leading up to Christmas, they are also most popular hospitality gifts. Flowering seasons vary within the Christmas Rose family. Earlier varieties such as Diva flower as early as October, Jasper from the beginning of November. All varieties are excellent for planting in planters. In the garden, the Christmas Rose likes a shady place.

The Lenten Roses in the Helleborus Gold Collection®

Unlike their white sisters, Lenten Roses show an endless range of different flower shapes and colours. The Lenten Roses in the Helleborus Gold Collection® take the garden out of its dormancy with a striking show of colours in January. They prefer light shade, but apart from that have few site requirements. Their flowering time lasts into late spring. They benefit from regular leaf care and respond to it with extraordinary durability and vigorous growth. Lenten Roses delight us for many years in the garden.

Snow Roses in the Helleborus Gold Collection®

Snow Roses are crossings between the Christmas Rose and Helleborus species from the Mediterranean. This is why Snow Roses from the Helleborus Gold Collection® have a genetic disposition towards unfolding their full potential even in full sun. The vigorous Snow Rose varieties are also very easy to please in terms of soil requirements in the garden, as long as they are given enough space to grow. The multi-diverse Snow Rose varieties liven up winter gardens with delicate hues ranging from white and cream to dusky pink and cinnamon from as early as December onwards.

Ice N‘ Roses®: the special Snow Roses

Originating from a crossing between a Snow Rose and a Lenten Rose, the varieties from the Ice N' Roses® series add purple, raspberry red, bicolours and other colours too to the garden right into April. The varieties are extremely robust, long-lived and disease resistant. They thrive well even in sunny places and flower for an exceptionally long period of time with new blooms continuously appearing on the stable flower stems. Who would have thought that Snow and Lenten Roses were, for a long time, not considered to be crossable.