Frozen flowers

Frozen flowers

Crystal clear winter decoration with Christmas Roses

When temperatures fall below freezing, it is time for a very special decoration idea with Christmas Roses. Use the cold to create small bowls made of frozen Christmas Rose flowers! These ephemeral eye catchers are easy to make, and - just like a snowman - they simply melt away when they’re done. Winter spirit at its best!

Develop a good feel for the most beautiful results

You need one larger and one smaller bowl (plastic if possible, since glass may break) which when stacked one into the other leave a gap large enough for a stable layer of ice to form.

Intriguing moulds for your Christmas Rose flowers

You may have noticed that ice cubes from the freezer are often murky because they are full of little bubbles. However, we obviously can’t use bubbles in our DIY project. There are several ways of creating clear ice. One is to boil the water once or twice to remove as much air and mineral impurities as possible. The other is to place the bowls with water and Christmas Rose flowers in an open cool-bag before putting them in the freezer to ensure the water freezes slowly from top to bottom. This means that a foggier layer will usually only form at the very top.

You may want to line the bottom and sides of the larger bowl with fir sprigs or similar material. Balance the smaller bowl out or simply hold it to fill it with sand or small pebbles to prevent it from floating. Arrange the Christmas Rose flowers around the outside of the smaller bowl to create an even layer. You will need to develop a good feel to avoid too much irregularity, although some might be good for effect. Once you are finished placing the fir sprigs and Christmas Rose flowers between the two bowls, fill the space between carefully with water. Place in the deep freezer or freezer compartment and wait until the ice is completely frozen. To remove the ice bowl from the plastic bowls, either wait a little until it just starts to melt on the outsides or briefly immerse the bowl in warm water.

Cold welcome!

Christmas Rose ice bowls are extraordinary eye catchers, especially when used as tea light holders to decorate the winter garden table where you enjoy a cup of mulled wine. Remember though that the heat from the burning tea light will melt the ice bowl even when temperatures are freezing cold. Looking out at a Christmas Rose ice bowl on the windowsill, terrace or balcony from the comfortable and warm living room is really something very special during a long cold spell. Watching them melt can be soothing, too, and you could even work the changing forms into a mindfulness exercise. Have a wonderfully relaxing winter season - and enjoy creating your own Christmas Rose ice bowl.