Snow Roses on the balcony

Snow Roses on the balcony

Brighten up the dark time of year with Ice N' Roses® flowers

There don’t need not be barren spaces in the winter where a multitude of flowers put a smile on your face in the summer. Throughout the dark time of year, Snow Roses decorate the balcony with green leaves and colourful flowers in shades ranging from pale pink to bold purple. Ice N' Roses® Snow Roses are especially tough and perfectly suited as specimen plants in tubs or window boxes.

Robust winter flowerers for your balcony

A crossing between Snow Roses and Lenten Roses, Ice N' Roses® are extremely robust, durable and disease-resistant. Nevertheless, you'll want to follow a few principles to ensure you can enjoy these colourful winter flowerers for an extra long time. If you want your Ice N' Roses® to stay in the same container for a longer period of time, choose a container that is deep enough, because Snow Roses are deep rooters. The winter sun doesn't bother them, but they appreciate being moved to a shady place once temperatures rise, because in midsummer, depending on exposure, balconies often get too hot even for some summer plants.

Use your balcony in the winter

Especially where there is no garden to enjoy, balconies often become people's second living room in the summer. In contrast, they are often a sad sight in the winter with empty window boxes or summer flowers that have long faded. But, even in the winter you can spend an hour or so in the open air without leaving your home. You don’t need much to enjoy this treat: a warm seat pad, a cuddly blanket, a cup of hot tea in your hand and then - just take a deep breath! Enhance your space by creating attractive winter plantings for your balcony. The Snow Roses from the Ice N' Roses® collection are all ready to turn your balcony into a flowery haven of wellness.