Helleborus Gold Collection® (HGC)


The term Helleborus Gold Collection®, abbreviated HGC, contains different varieties of Helleborus niger and hybrids, which are all propagated vegetatively. The varieties of the Helleborus Gold Collection® are special because the majority of the Hellebores in the market are seedlings and not genetic equal plants. The HGC varieties guarantee variety identity and uniformity because of the propagation method.

Each HGC variety must pass stringent criteria over several years before they are received into the Helleborus Gold Collection®. Only one of approximately 100,000 seedlings meets our high breeding standard and find it’s way into the collection. The Helleborus Gold Collection® stands for the noblest of plants. They have proven over time to be the best of their species.

When buying plants, look for these symbols. It is your guarantee of the highest quality.

Continued breeding will develop even more beautiful hellebores in the future. Your gardens will continue to improve and will bring you joy as an evergreen groundcover that is deer resistant and offers flowers when gardens are normally barren. In winter 2008 several new varieties will find their way into the Helleborus Gold Collection®. The collection is divided into two groups: HGC Christmas and HGC Early Spring.